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Key Benefits

Quality landscaping increases not only the aesthetic appeal of your property, but also its value and usability.
A carefully planned landscape can significantly increase the usable and enjoyable square footage of your outdoor space and create additional living space.  
Properly placed trees and other plantings can help you save up to 25% on heating and cooling costs by making your climate control system function more efficiently and effectively.  They also serve to protect your home and out structures from wind, rain, snowdrifts, and the sun.  
A well-maintained and pleasant landscape will reflect positively on the rest of your home.  

Landscaping Capabilities

Retaining Walls
Flowers and Flower Beds
Patios and Decks
Trees and Shrubs
Rocks and Stones
Fountains, Ponds, and Waterfalls
Walkways and Paths
Landscape Lighting
Benches and Swings
Incorporated Drainage Systems


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls must be strong enough to hold the weight of the soil behind and above them, but must also allow drainage from rainfall or melting snow.  Properly placed drainage pipes allow water and slurry to disperse, alleviating some of the pressure created by the water and increased weight of the wet earth.  If retaining walls are not built on a proper concrete foundation, they will eventually deteriorate or sink as the earth below softens due to moisture.  

The materials used in the construction of retaining walls varies.  Many of made up of heavy timber planks, bricks, stones, or concrete.  Many professionals agree, however, that segmented retaining wall systems (SRW) are the most reliable and effective in a larger scale project.  The height of the retaining wall and the height of the retained steps are significant factors in choosing the best materials for your project.  

When a home is built on a sloped property, enough ground is shifted to make the house level, but often that's all.  Many homeowners would prefer to have a yard that is at least partially level, so as to provide a flat play area, a barbecue area, space for a Jacuzzi hot tub, flower and vegetable beds, and many other uses.  This functionality is accomplished through the use of retaining walls.  

Water Features

Ideas for Water Features

Water is a universally pleasing element, providing a sense of calm and ease.  Recent upgrade trends in landscaping now often include water features, which provide not only a focal point in landscape design but also a naturally relaxing and soothing atmosphere.  
Pond with Waterfall
Double Pool Water Garden
Stone Water Feature
Millstone Fountain
Wine Barrel Fountain
Jug Fountain
Peaceful Streambed
Dry Creek Garden
Zen Water Feature
Koi Pond

Flowers and Flower Beds

Ideas for Flowers and Flower Beds

Planning and forethought are important elements in creating beautiful flower beds.  Flowers and plants should be properly layered, meaning that those that will grow tallest compose the rear row, and then the annual and perennial flowers are staggered toward the front.  
Raised Flower Beds
Stone Edged Beds
Brick Bordered Beds
Timber Bed

Things to consider when choosing flowers and plants:

How much sun or shade do they need
Annual and/or perennial Flowers
Plants that offer interesting textures
Color palettes 
Layering schemes
Focal points
Integrating other landscaping elements
Deer and wildlife resistant arboritae


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