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Modular homes are houses that are divided into modules or sections that are manufactured in a remote facility and then delivered to the intended building site of the new house.  Modular home designs can be customized to meet local building codes and to suit your particular needs, interests, and taste.  

Key Benefits

Modular components are typically constructed within a large indoor facility, thus there will generally not be significant delays caused by weather or damage to materials.
Modular homes are often priced lower than site-built homes and are typically more cost-effective to consumers and builders.  Large scale manufacturers can effectively bargain with suppliers for discounts on materials.  Additionally, there is less waste since the manufacturer has records of exactly what quantity of materials are needed for a given job.
These homes can be constructed in less time than it takes to build a home "on site."  
According to manufacturers, modular homes are generally designed to be initially stronger than traditional homes by, for example, replacing nails with screws and adding glue to joints.  
Once assembled, modular homes are essentially indistinguishable from typical site built homes.  A well built modular will have the same longevity as its site built counterpart, increasing in value over time.  
Many modular homes are very energy efficient, which helps reduce heating and cooling costs.
The home will probably be ready to move into much sooner than waiting for a home to be built on site.  



Browse the sample of modular home plans we've provided, and keep in mind that any of these homes can be customized to fit your needs, interests, and lifestyle.  Consider cathedral or volume ceilings, oversized windows, arches, or other architectural features to add additional elegance and panache.  Would additional living space better suit your family's needs?  Would more wardrobe space in the master bedroom  provide more comfort?  Would a spa component in your new home provide you the retreat you want at the end of the day?  Your new home can be exactly what you want it to be, and we here at A to Z Maintenance can help guide you through each step of the homebuilding process, creating a shared commitment to the project.  We want to give you a home specifically tailored to meet your needs and interests, and which reflects your particular style and taste.  We want to give you a home that you love to live in.

Sample Modular Home Plans

Modular Home Plan 1
Modular Home Plan 2
Modular Home Plan 3
Modular Home Plan 4
Modular Home Plan 5


Some Modular Homes We Have Built



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